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Hermes - Les Colognes - Eau de Pamplemousse Rose

Hermes - Les Colognes - Eau de Pamplemousse Rose

  • ₦32,000.00


With the Colognes collection, Hermès expands a territory of olfactive expression inaugurated in 1979 with its first Cologne, later baptized Eau d’orange verte, characterized by its refinement and authenticity. Figurative and generous expressions of instant pleasure, the Hermès Colognes offer a series of material-based olfactive vignettes.

Eau de pamplemousse rose: for this Cologne, combined a classical approach, highlighting the liveliness and freshness of citrus, with a modern sense of composition. The hesperidian theme, conveyed here by the grapefruit, takes on new life when infused with the rose. A fine balance of materials is struck, with the citrus setting the tone in harmony with the radiant gossamer of the flower.

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